About ISAF

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ISAF Headquarters

General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. (USA)
Commander ISAF


Lieutenant General Carsten Jacobson, (DEU)
Deputy Commander ISAF

Lieutenant General Kenan HÜSNÜOĞLU (Turkish Army)

Lieutenant General Kenan HÜSNÜOĞLU (TUR)
Chief of Staff ISAF


Sergeant Major James E. Booker (USA)
Sergeant Major ISAF/USFOR-A

Major General John K. McMullen (USA)
Director Air Component Coordination Element

Brigadier General Bernard Bonnet (FRA)
Deputy Chief of Staff Stability


Major General Reinhard Wolski (DEU)
Deputy Chief of Staff Resources


NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan


Brigadier General Simon C. Hetherington (CAN)
Commander, NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan


ISAF Joint Command


Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson (USA)
IJC Commander


Command Sergeant Major Isaia T. Vimoto (USA)
IJC Command Sergeant Major

Regional Commanders


Brigadier General Manlio Scopigno (ITA)
ISAF Regional Commander West


Major General Bernd Schütt (DEU)
ISAF Regional Commander North


Major General Michael A. Bills (USA)
ISAF Regional Commander South


Major General Stephen J. Townsend (USA)
ISAF Regional Commander East


Brigadier General Erhan Uzun (TUR)
ISAF Regional Commander Capital


Brigadier General Daniel Yoo (USA)
ISAF Regional Commander Southwest

Combined Joint Interagency Task Force - Afghanistan


Major General Bert K. Mizusawa                                                   
Commander, CJIATF-A

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