About ISAF

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ISAF Headquarters

General John F. Campbell (USA)
Commander ISAF


Lieutenant General Carsten Jacobson, (DEU)
Deputy Commander ISAF

Information Pending

Lieutenant General Vincenzo Santo (ITA)
Chief of Staff ISAF


Sergeant Major James E. Booker (USA)
Sergeant Major ISAF/USFOR-A

Major General John K. McMullen (USA)
Director Air Component Coordination Element

ISAF Joint Command


Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson (USA)
IJC Commander


Command Sergeant Major Isaia T. Vimoto (USA)
IJC Command Sergeant Major

Regional Commanders


Brigadier General Maurizio Scardino (ITA)
TAAC West Commander


Brigadier General Harald Gante (DEU)
TAAC North Commander


Brigadier General Douglas M. Gabram (USA)
TAAC South Commander


Major General Stephen J. Townsend (USA)
TAAC East Commander


Brigadier General Şafak Gök (TUR)
TAAC Capital Commander

Combined Joint Interagency Task Force - Afghanistan


Major General Bert K. Mizusawa                                                   
Commander, CJIATF-A


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